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Dear Linda, Rose & Bill,
Thank you for making our sale a huge success.
You managed everything from start to finish making our job so much easier.
You were a pleasure to work with and we feel we made some very good friends.
We would not hesitate recommending you to anyone considering having a garage sale.
It is an enormous endeavor and you guys handled it so seamlessly.
We couldn’t have done it without you.
You’re the best!

East Amwell
Joan & Jim


Rose and Linda,
I just want to thank you for all the hard work you guys did at my house sale.
It was a very difficult time for me, it was not something I wanted to do, I had to do it.
You were both so kind and delicate with me.
It was not so bad because of your attitudes and sense of humor throughout the whole thing.
You worked so hard, your pictures and words on your web site were so appealing, it would make people come!!
I thank you both for handling me so gently and doing a great job.
I am sorry we had to meet under my bad circumstances, you both are kind caring people.
Thanks again

Jersey City


uh, yes...  the dreaded estate sale and all the transactions related to preparing a parent's house for sale.  It is physically and emotionally draining, but living out of state makes it even more difficult.
Then, we found Dusty Old Bags.  We got a good feeling from our very first meeting with Lin and Bill, and quickly signed up...  and so glad we did.  We left them the house keys and they did all the rest from set up to clean up.
One unexpected bonus...  a potential buyer of the house who used the occasion to get an early viewing of the interior.  Although a logical connection, never thought about that as an outcome.
Overall, Lin is very responsive to phone calls and e-mail and gives you nothing but full support throughout the process. 
A great bunch to deal with and highly recommended.

Milltown NJ
Darren & Meryl


Hi Lin & Rose
Thank you so very much for the great job you and your husbands did at our dad’s estate liquidation.
I know it was a daunting task (especially the Sunday before the sale) but you pulled it off with flying colors.
You were extremely professional and knowledgeable and a lot of fun.
We appreciate all of your hard work.
Thank you again for everything. You’re the best.

Laurenceville NJ
Barbara & Eloise


Dear Lin & Rose
My brothers and I would like to thank you, your niece Dana, and your
entire team for the wonderful job you did running the sale. 
The prospect of clearing out our Aunts Estate from here in Toronto Canada
was such an overwhleming task.  So it was such a releif to have found
"The Dusty Old Bags" - you made the entire process seamless from
beginning to end.  
It was truly a pleasure working with you and I would definitly recommend
your services to anyone.
I only wish you weren't so far away - I'd use
your services here in Toronto if I could.  
Thanks again,

Bridgewater NJ
Anna, Robert & Aldo Toronto, Canada


Dear Lin & Rose
I just want to thank you so much for your help. You were a pleasure to work with. Things worked out a heck of a lot better than I had imagined.
As nerve wracking as it was for me, your presence and professional demeanor made it all quite bearable.
Thank your husband for me (I'm sorry, I've forgotten his name already) as he was a tremendous help also.
I'm very glad we chose you and you chose to accept.
Thanks a whole lot.

East Brunswick


Dear Lin & Rose
What a job all of you did!
Everything was very organized and professional and you made our lives a lot easier.
We were able to sell more items over the next few days after the sale.
We donated most of the smalls that were left over from the sale to local charities and churches so everyone gained something.
Thanks so much for all the help and the time you spent sorting items, placing them throughout the house and your drive to keep selling.
Thanks again for doing a terrific job.
Nancy and Dick 

Manahawkin NJ
Nancy & Dick


Dear Lin & Rose,    
My brother and I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and what a great job you did with the estate sale for our mom's house in Toms River!  We were faced with having to clear out our mom's house in a short time and within weeks you had pictures on your website and the entire house ready for the sale.    
The sale went amazingly well, better than I could have hoped for.    
After the death of a loved one there are so many different things to do and the thought of having to clean out an entire home of over 50 years of collected items was daunting.   
We are so lucky to have found you and your company.
It was a great relief to be able to trust someone to go thru an entire house, room by room, closet by closet and all the drawers and a garage and lay it all out for a sale.
You are both very hard workers, and take great pride in what you do and it shows.

Toms River NJ
Krista & Steve


Dear Rose and Lin,
On behalf of my sister and brothers, we would like to thank you for helping us with selling the contents of my parent’s home.
The home had 54 years of memories and my father was a collector of EVERYTHING!  You ladies were very understanding and sensitive to our situation.
We were totally amazed how well you organized and displayed our family treasures!
The sale was well publicized and appeared to be very well attended! You did all the work and reaped the rewards!
Thanks again for a wonder job! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know in a similar situation!  
It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Morristown NJ


Rose, Lin & Husbands,
Thank you so much for our recent sale at 16-08 Saddle River Road! I couldn't have imagined how successful it would have been and it was all because of 'Dusty Old Bags'!  When my mother-in-law became the executor of the estate of a dear friend, she was left with the daunting task of sorting through 50 years of papers, household items and personal effects. We were definitely 'the retro 1960's estate'.  It was an overwhelming task Then, I found your website - what a God send!  We met with Rose, signed a contract and our worries were over.  Dusty Old Bags handled everything from that moment on!  Rose, Lin and their crew came in and sorted through 50 years worth of bags, boxes, drawers and closets. They organized and tagged too many items to count!  I couldn't imagine how they were going to display everything but was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the house before the sale. It was neat, orderly and amazingly, most of the contents were displayed for the customers to view. On the day of the sale, Rose,Lin and their husbands were terrific!  They worked hard to get the most money for the items - often times refusing to take less then was tagged! The husbands, Bill and Vic, helped to carry out heavy items, rearrange items in the house and even took down a light fixture that we had forgotten to do. They all went above and beyond! They have a large following of customers as I heard many say "I'll see you next week."  Lin and Rose are such personal ladies...we even found time to sit and chat about our families!. Besides being such hard workers and advocates for us, they were also so caring in regard to my mother-in-law's feelings with the passing of her dear friend. When I first contacted Rose, she made sure to ask me if my mother-in-law "was ready" in regard to her grief to go through with the sale and then, when they were going through the items in the house, they found some old pictures and other more personal items and put them aside - making sure to treat us in such a compassionate way. I can't say enough about "Dusty Old Bags"! Their hard work, dedication to their customers and their kind, caring personalities make them worth their weight in gold!

Fairlawn NJ


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