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"Rose and Lin:
My family and I want to say "thank you" for all your hard work.
And please express our thanks to your husbands for their assistance as well.
My grandmother's house had over 60 years of memories to sort through, but you made the whole process of sorting and selling smooth and painless.
Very pleased with the results of the sale! 

Parlin NJ


Dusty Old Bags was an answer to our prayers.  My mothers home was filled with 60 years worth of memories.
We were overwhelmed. Lin & Rose with their husbands came in and organized, priced, and executed a flawless Estate Sale.
An example of their dedication was the fact that Lin had a pacemaker put in three days prior to the
sale and still worked the event over the weekend.  I couldn't beleive it!   This  was all done with a good natured attitude and a sensitivity
to the emotional turmoil that is involved in such an event.  I and my family recommend Dusty Old Bags without reservation.

Bridgewater NJ


Dear Lin, Rose, Bill & Vic
My brothers, our spouses, and I want to say "thank you" for all your good work and excellent advice. Forced with the daunting task of clearing my parents' house after my father's death, it was a real "miracle" that we discovered you on the Internet.  The first time we met with Rose & Lin, we were sure that the job would be done right.  It was comforting to listen to your "how-to" and to just relax and let you deal with the clutter. My parents never threw anything away in the 60 years they were married, and some items had been moved several times and the boxes never opened!  We weren't sure what was in them.  To your credit, you laid out all the items, priced them according to your experience, and even went the extra mile to take the time to research those "special" items that you weren't sure about.  The 3 days of the sale went off without a hitch and you all were troopers in getting stuff sold and moved out the door.  We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.   You also showed great patience with a few family members who thought they were entitled to much more than they were.  You handled the situation calmly and professionally.  Again, accept our eternal gratitude and a very big "THANK YOU" to all of you for a job well done. 
We will be recommending you to all our friends who encounter similar situations!

Monroe NJ
Barbara & Mike


Dear Rose and Lin,
I thank you and your team very much for your professional assistance in running this sale. I give you a lot of credit for your honesty and integrity.
You really made me feel comfortable and I couldn't be happier with the end results. You can always keep my phone number and use me as a reference, especially for a potential client who is out of town and will need assurance of your great ethics.
Artie L


Edison NJ


Dear Rose and Lin,
We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us. The thought of trying to sort through and empty our ninety-year old mother's house was overwhelming.  You two (and your husbands) made all the difference in the world. The amount of time you spent organizing and pricing every item in that house was amazing.  We also appreciated that you handled every part of the job from pricing to selling and settling.
You were honest, hard-working and fun to deal with.Thanks for making one big job a lot simpler for us.
Karen and Rick 

Hillsborough NJ
Karen & Rick


Dear Rose & Lin & your long-suffering wonderful husbands—
What a great job you did for us!
Downsizing is far more traumatic than we ever anticipated. The amount of stuff accumulated over 30+ years by a hoarder and a collector is beyond belief.
You were recommended by the designer who staged our house, and we are grateful to her for the referral and eagerly telling all our baby boomer friends about your fantastic services. You love what you do, and we love how you do it. Everything was so well organized and displayed that people couldn’t stop themselves from buying. We were impressed with the number of buyers you brought in. You obviously know all the tricks for the widest possible publicity on a sale.
Best of all, you took the pain out of the whole business and brought laughter into our home.
For that we can’t thank you enough.
Susan & Bob⨪  

Chester NJ
Susan & Bob


I was totally overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing my parents’ 50-plus years of collected clutter. I knew I needed major help and looked online to call in the cavalry. When I saw the Dusty Old Bags website I knew they were just the women I needed!  I was so relieved when Rose met me at the house and agreed to take on the job. They waved their magic wands and turned a jumbled mess of packed closets into an organized house that looked like an antiques shop complete with jewelry display cases. Their honesty is to be commended. My mother was great at hiding valuables and I thought I had found them all, including money hidden in her shoeboxes. I received a call from Rose & Lin to tell me that they had come across an envelope filled with $10,000 worth of savings bonds that my mother had stashed in a drawer in an extra bedroom. I am grateful for their thoroughness and integrity, as I had missed the envelope when I went through that dresser.
The Dusty Old Men are great as well – having to pitch in and clear ice that had blocked the walkway before the morning of the sale. Their mailing list attracts serious buyers who lined up way before 9 am. Before the sale, they did extensive research to make sure the antique glassware was priced appropriately. Thank goodness they did the selling for me as I would have come down to a lower price just to see things go out the door.
My picture shows me smiling, and it is a smile of relief. Before the Dusty Old Bags, I felt I might never empty the house, let alone get it on the market. The pressure was oppressive as my parents need the proceeds to fund their long term care costs. Now with most of the items gone and a nice profit made, the rest is doable.
Thank you so much Dusty Old Bags! You truly do go above and beyond to help your clients!

Sincerely, Susan

Dover NJ


Well, there we were.  Distraught and left with a house of items that  were collected over my brother's lifetime. 
We had never had any experience with Estate Sales.  I went on the website and found  Dusty Old Bags.  I called and was guided through the process on how it all  works.  Shortly thereafter, Rose came by to see what we had.  The sale was advertised and Dusty Old Bags were working hard at organizing and tagging every item in the house and posting pictures on their website.   Although it is an emotional time, I can't tell you what a pleasure it was  working with a group of people who were sensitive to our feelings and helped us get the house pretty well cleared out in 2 days.  They are organized, fast and honest about what they do.  It is pretty amazing the amount of people they get to come to their sales. I'm sure that is because of  their wonderful personalities and business sense.  They really are professionals.  I enjoyed working with them a great deal.  We would absolutely recommend them as your "go to" people for selling home contents. 
We would most definitely call them again and pass their number along to friends who may have a need. You will not be  disappointed. 
We sincerely thank Dusty Old Bags for their sympathy,  understanding, professionalism and for coming and accomplishing what seemed almost hopeless to do by ourselves. 
If you need a hand, call them.

Freehold NJ


Dear Lin and Rose,
Thank you so much for doing such a thorough, professional and successful job on our estate sale. My wife and I gazed in amazement when we saw the house transformed into a high-end antiques shop! You displayed all of the merchandise with such love and care that we were not the least bit surprised when you let us know how successful the actual sale turned out to be.
What’s more, you two ladies were such a pleasure to deal with that you made the whole process a pleasant adventure rather than a tedious chore! Every detail was handled with care. You communicated with us every step of the way. You worked so hard and really “delivered the goods.” You even sold our second car! I would recommend you to anyone who needed the services of a top-notch estate sale planning and implementation team.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Bill & Helen

Fanwood NJ
Bill & Helen


I wish to respond with some words of recommendations which you may use/forward to other prospective clients.
Dusty Old Bags was recommended to me by another Realtor.  I was told that Dusty Old Bags would come in the home, evaluate the personal property, and submit an estimate of what they believed could be realized from a sale.  We met, surveyed the household items, and discussed the possibilities.  We agreed on a date, the value of items, and areas of responsibilities.  True to their word, the ladies came in and tagged every item (hundreds) and arranged them in a presentable fashion.  The sale dates came and the results were exactly what we expected.  Dusty Old Bags was excellent; professional, honest, and efficient. 
I would recommend them to anyone wishing to liguidate an estate.

Hacketstown NJ